No thief would ever think that your clock would actually be a hidden safe. This simple wall clock is perfect for storing jewelry, cash or credit cards! Embassy
Hidden safe in wall clock

Hidden safe in wall clock

Always wanted a hidden safe?

This fully functioning clock has a very simple design and can go together with any decor.
People who want a hidden safe are in luck with this clock because you can open the clock and store your valuables there.
No more obvious safes in closets, no cliche hiding spots behind paintings. Just get this clock and store your things in a place no thief would ever think of.
Perfect for stashing jewelry, cash, or credit cards.

The Specifications

  • This clock is functional just like any other wall clock
  • It requires a single AA battery to work (not included)
  • It has a hidden compartment for storing valuables
  • Perfect for stashing jewelry, cash, or credit cards.
  • Outside dimensions are 10-inch by 10-inch by 3-inch thick
  • The inside dimensions of the safe are 8 1/2-inch x 8 1/2-inch x 1 7/8-inch

The Conclusion

For anyone who was always jealous of all the movie characters who had a hidden safe behind a painting or mirror this is your chance to get your very own hidden safe!
This clock is a fully functioning wall clock which opens up into a safe which is perfect for stashing jewelry, cash or credit cards.
No one will ever suspect a clock for a safe.

Get it now on!

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