Only Spy Gear delivers micro-sized spy tech with the Micro Spy Kit XS1! This 5-piece mission kit will leave any secret agent fully loaded for any mission. Complete with a Spy Gear utility belt that holds night vision, motion alarms, audio enhancing gear, and a Spy Gear Lazer Pen, nothing is ever out of reach with the XS1 Spy Kit! Gear up and enter the spy game with the Spy Gear Micro Spy Kit XS1! Spy Gear
The awesome Micro sky kit for children

Micro Spy Kit

Complete micro spy gadget solution that comes with everything in the Micro Spy Assortment!

Do your children like playing with toys? Do they like imagining they are superheroes or even cool: Spies?
Then you should definitely take a look at the micro spy kit for kids. It includes 5 awesome spy gadgets that would make all other kids jealous.

This awesome spy kit is designed for special agents for ages of 6 and older.
The included spy gear utility belt holds night vision, motion alarms, audio listening enhancement gear and a spy lazer pen.

Any kid with an active imagination would love this spy kit.

The Specifications

Spy kit for children

Awesome Sky Kit For Children

  • The Spy Gear Micro Spy Kit XS1 delivers 5 stealth-sized pieces of gear for completing any mission!
  • The included Spy Gear Utility Belt holds night vision, motion alarms, audio listening enhancement gear and a Spy Lazer Pen.
  • Each piece of Spy Gear is micro-sized to keep your spy activity as covert as possible.
  • The Spy Gear Micro Spy Kit XS1 is designed for Secret Agents ages 6+ and required 2 AAA batteries for operation.
  • Comes with 3 Micro Agent tools: Motion Alarm, Night Spyer, Listener, 1 Spy Lazer Pen with Lazer Light and Telescope, 1 Utility Belt, 2 Belt Clips

The Conclusion

If you have children with an active imagination who love saving the world. Then give them the proper tools to do so.
This awesome sky kit for children includes 5 tools which are absolutely necessary to save the world.
Night vision, motion alarms, audio surveillance and a laser pen are necessary tools for any spy.

Get it now on!

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