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Smallest camera you'll ever see

Ridiculously small camera as small as your fingertip

Have you ever needed a small camera as big as your fingertip?

No? Hmm, actually neither did I to be honest.
Despite the fact that no one ever NEEDED one of these they’re really cool, really small, really easy to hide (or lose..) and just plain awesome.

The camera really is not bigger than your fingertip and looks really cool. Despite its small size it is still a two megapixel camera which can take picture or shoot video on command. ¬†It stores the files on a Micro SD card so you can also use it as an external storage device. Because of the small size no one will ever think to look on this little bad boy when they want to take a peek into your private files…

You can stick it anywhere and shoot really cool videos of pretty much anything you can think of:

  • Record your pets in funny situations
  • Videotape yourself doing some awesome skateboard tricks
  • Put a good prank on hidden camera
  • Place it in the woman’s locker room for lonely evening footage

The specifications

Smallest camera you'll ever see

Smallest camera you’ll ever see

  • It is ridiculously small and therefor easy to conceal (or lose for that matter).
  • It takes pretty decent pictures and videos despite its small size.
  • Stores a Micro SD card so you can keep plenty of stuff on it
  • You can even use it as an external storage device
  • You can attach it with magnets or so to keep it pointing in the right direction

The conclusion

Ridiculously small camera

Ridiculously small camera

This ridiculously small camera is really cool. It’s funny and works well despite its small size and the low price. Just click the link below and buy it. Best 7 dollars you have ever spent.

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