The LAYEN CSB is the perfect tool for your audio surveillance operation. Not only is it simple to set up and use, but its' size (smaller than a matchbox!) makes it easy to hide. It's a premium audio device, which benefits from ultra-clear sound (so long as its' not too concealed!). This tiny audio device works via mobile SIM card so you can literally call from anywhere to hear what is happening. You needn't be in the same room, or even the same country! You can call to listen whenever you want, or you can set it to voice activation, so that you are called by the device when there's something to listen to! Layen
This small device enables you to listen in to any conversation from anywhere in the world.

Small home security audio surveillance device

Listen in on anything, anytime, anyplace!

The Layen CSB Home security Audio Surveillance device is barely bigger than a simple coin.

It’s barely bigger than a coin?!

If you have ever wanted to get a very small, easy to conceal, audio surveillance device then this is your change to get it!

The Layen CSB Home Security Audio Surveillance Device has an incredible high quality sound despite it’s small size. The battery will last up to two days on standby mode and it can record up to 2 hours on a single charge. If you need more recording time than this can be extended through a portable power bank which can be ordered separately.

This device works via a Mobile Pre-Pay GSM SIM card (the older large style). You can dial in from anywhere in the world and hear whatever the device can hear.

It also has a voice recognition feature so that it will call you up when it starts recording. How awesome is that?!

The specifications

The device requires a simple GSM SIM card in order to work

Just place a SIM card and you’re ready to go!

  • Call to listen in on what the device is hearing from anywhere in the world!
  • Set Voice Activation: when there is a sound above 45db within 10 metres of the device, you will be called to listen in on it.
  • It runs off four GSM frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • Simply insert a Pay As You Go / Pre-Pay GSM SIM into the device and call it to turn the device on and start listening

The conclusion

Home Security Audio Surveillance Device

Home Security Audio Surveillance Device

If you need to have a very small easy to conceal device which lets you listen in on a conversation from anywhere in the world with crystal clear high quality sound then the Layen CSB Home Security Audio Surveillance Device is the perfect tool for you!

Get in now on!