Calculator features a 12 digit display Color video Recording with voice Photo taking Calculator powered by either light or a AA battery Built in 4GB memory just plug and play Generic
Spy camera hidden in a desktop calculator

Desktop spy calculator with a hidden camera

Do you suspect something suspicious is going on in the office?

This awesome spy calculator can do more than just calculate stuff. It comes with a hidden spy camera so you have an extra pair of eyes whenever you may need it.

Are you constantly missing things in the office? Think someone might be stealing your pens? Do you desperately want to find out who doesn’t change the toner or just curious whether your staff works when you’re not around?

All of these problems will disappear once you buy this awesome spy calculator. It enables you to record high quality videos and take high resolution pictures very easily.

When it comes to spying in an office environment things don’t get more covert then a calculator. Except for maybe a pen, but pens tend to get lost or stolen.. So you’re better off with a big fancy desktop calculator.

It has 4GB of built-in memory, this is more than enough for your average spying activities and will enable you to find out quickly whatever it is that you need to find out.

The Specifications

Instructions on using the Spy Calculator with hidden security camera

Instructions for the spy desktop calculator

  • No one will ever suspect a calculator!
  • It is a fully functioning desktop calculator to make it blend in even more.
  • Video recording (640 x 480 @ 30fps)
  • Picture snapshots (1280 x 960)
  • 4GB of built-in memory for

The conclusion

Desktop calculator side view

Side view of the Desktop spy calculator with hidden security camera.

This awesome spy gadget can blend right into any office environment and no one will ever think twice about it. Since everyone needs a calculator anyway you can just buy this one with it’s secret extra features. If you ever need  to spy on someone you already have the ability to do so.

Get it on now!

  • Karan Singh