Step 1: Insert the SD card, Plug in the battery. Step 2: Aim the camera where you want to record. Step 3: Disconnect the battery, take out the card, and view the video on your computer. Step 4: Repeat. AES Spy Cameras
Standard wall clock with a hidden camera and motion sensor

Wall clock with hidden camera and motion sensor

The ultimate spy tool – A wall clock with a hidden camera and motion sensor

Any room could have a wall clock right? A living room, bedroom, bathroom, garage, spare room, even the toilet could be accompanied by a wall clock.

Everyone looks at the clock a thousand times a day without even thinking about the fact that there might be a hidden camera there.

There are a lot of awesome spy gadgets available. A lot of them have the same power as this wall clock, a hidden camera. The downside to most of these items is that they have to be placed at the appropriate place. Even then there is a possibility that they will be moved or covered somehow.

A clock however is placed in a position that it can be seen from the entire room, which means that the clock in this case is also able to see the entire room.

Combine this fact with an amazing battery which can work up to 30 days on standby or up to 10 hours of active motion recording and you’ve got yourself the ultimate spy gadget.

Here are the 3 easy steps to get this thing working!

  1. Insert the SD card and plug in the battery.
  2. Place the clock on the wall aiming in the direction where you want to record. It will start recording when it detects body heat through it’s thermal sensor.
  3. Disconnect the battery, take out the SD card and watch the video on your computer.

The Specifications

  • The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
  • The camera is pointing straight out.
  • 30 Day Battery – 10 Hours Active Motion Recording
  • 640 x 480 Resolution – 12 FPS Frame Rate – Color Video
  • Camera Lens – Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens
  • Recording Mode: – Motion Detection
  • Storage Mode: – SD and HCSD Cards
  • Made in USA – Next Day – 2nd Day – Express
  • 4GB SD Card Included – Supports 32GB SD Card
  • 1 Year limited Warranty – US Tech Support

The Conclusion

This wall clock is like the ultimate spy gadget because of it’s motion/thermal sensor which will start recording when someone enters it’s recording field.
The battery works up to 30 days on standby or 10 hours of motion recording time.

The quality of the video is very good and it comes with a 4GB SD card but it can be extended up till 32GB.
No one will ever think twice about a wall clock and therefor you will never get caught.

Get it now on now!